How does telehealth work?

I am currently offering families support via telehealth for visits and birth support in an effort to reduce exposure to illness for you and your newborn. I want you to feel safe and comfortable as we work together.  If you are interested in receiving doula support via telehealth please let me know!

I know….you may be asking…how does this work?  It is AMAZING!  For our prenatal and postpartum visits we can talk on zoom or phone to discuss any concerns you may have, discuss labor comfort techniques….all the same stuff we would normally talk about.  For the birth you can set up your device in the room and I can provide you with so much support, including;

  • suggest evidence based comfort techniques
  • provide a calming energy to reduce stress and facilitate labor
  • answer any questions you may have
  • engage other birth team members in active support creating a space with a cohesive birth team
  • suggest positions to facilitate labor progress
  • help you navigate difficult choices by supporting you in getting the information you need to make the best decision for you and your baby
  • help you understand your rights and choices in the birth setting
  • support you and your birth partner in advocating for your needs
  • provide continuity of care in your birth team as hospital staff may change​

Families that I have supported via telehealth report that they have appreciated the experience.  They have shared that their needs were met and they felt good that they were reducing possible exposure to illness, therefore keeping their baby safe.  

These are strange times my friend….I am  here to support you!  Let’s talk and see what that can look like!

I'm here to support you where you are.